Created by a mom for her tween

Why a Period Kit?

Say goodbye to the days when you and your friends are not prepared for the first time Aunt Flo decides to visit! 

The My First Period Kit fits conveniently in your purse or backpack and is even cute & discreet enough that you can carry it alone.  Filled with exactly what girls need such as pads, undies and more in case that 'OH EM GEE' moment happens unexpectedly.  Makes a great gift for your daughter, niece, friend or family!

No Matter Where You ARE...


Buy One Give One Program Of Love

We are on a mission to make a difference in the world.  My First Period Kit is teaming up with charities around the world to help bring aid and education to young girls as they transition into ladies.  You buy a kit, we give a kit!

Learn more about our partnership with Love A Village here.


I keep the 'my first period kits' both in my locker at school & in my backpack. It gives me peace of mind knowing I have it there in case I need it!

– Madison (age 12)

Knowing that my daughter has something to rescue her in case I am not there is so reassuring. She is able to use her 'My First Period Kit' and then get to a place where she can call me. We are so thankful for a functional (and super cute) product like this kit!

– Jenny (mother of a 10 year old)

As a mother of a tweenage daughter the period kit is awesome! Having the security knowing that she will be ready for this milestone is beyond reassuring! We put a period kit in her school backpack and another in her sports bag so she’ll be prepared wherever she may be!

– Angie (mother of an 11 year old)

My mom started her period in the 5th grade, so not knowing when that time will come for me is a bit nerve racking! I feel so much more secure knowing I have a kit that will help get me through any scary moments!

– Lauren (age 10)

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