Let us tell you how your purchase is helping young girls in Malawi…
 Our hearts are overjoyed at the number of kits sold around the world to date!
How is your purchase helping you ask?  
For each kit sold, a % of each kit sale goes to help young girls in 3rd world countries.
My First Period Kit is currently teaming up with Love A Village in Malawi to help young girls become independent of the taboo and restraints that periods can cause.  
The people of Northern Malawi do not have trash systems, something we all take for granted here in the United States.  So if there is trash involved, we cannot send it.  So what do we send you ask?  
With our BUY ONE CARE FOR ONE PROGRAM OF LOVE we are able to send these beautiful girls zipper pouches which discreetly holds their feminine products, organic cotton undies, hairbands, flannel that is used to make pads since they are unable to throw pads away and funds to help with additional necessities they each need.
We have partnered with our friends at LOVE A VILLAGE who help bring love, education, empowerment & resources to the beautiful people of Malawi.  
My First Period Kit is focused on bringing feminine hygiene, education, resources, friendship and love to beautiful humans as well as bringing awareness to the negative impact that period taboo has on cultures. 
We look forward to helping girls all around the world.  
You can learn more about LOVE A VILLAGE by clicking here.  
Let's help make a difference together!

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